Patchs Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

Liste des patchs notes de Warcraft: Orcs and Humans

Patch 1.22h (CD Version)

  • Removed the word-from-the-user-manual copy protection of prior versions.
  • Added spoken mission briefings.
  • Added an animated 3D map showing the area of conflict before the start of each campaign mission.

Patch 1.21

  • Fixed digital sound support for certain sound cards.
  • Unit Modifications:
    Both Catapults and Summoned Creatures operate in manners dissimilar from other units in the game: The catapult will attack enemy units automatically ONLY if there are no friendly units that will be affected by splash damage from the missile. If you select the Attack command and specify a target, the catapult will fire at the selected target regardless of friendly unit proximity. Summoned Creatures have a Magic Point (MP) bar as well as a Hit Point (HP) bar. The MP bar will degrade over time, and when it is drained, the summoned creature will begin taking damage, as the powers that hold it here are no longer in force.

Patch 1.20

  • Significantly improved speed for slower systems
  • Corrected irregular slow modem play for all modems
  • Added support for WaveJammer and RAP 10 sound cards
  • Updated Pro Audio sound drivers
  • Added WAR_EDIT.EXE utility for extra FUN!

Patch 1.16

  • Added command line option for enhanced connectivity
  • Final copy protection enhancement

Patch 1.15

  • Enhanced direct link and modem connectivity
  • Fixed bug affecting scores over 12,000
  • Improved copy protection for ease of use
  • Gravis UltraSound support added

Patch 1.14

  • Fixed speech bug

Patch 1.13

  • Replaced CD-ROM copy protection with floppy copy protection
  • Fixed human level 7 bug
  • Updated DOS 4/GW extender

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